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What is a smart house

A smart home is a set of solutions for automating everyday activities that will save you from routine. Here and household appliances - from robotic vacuum cleaners to appliances controlled from a smartphone - and systems that control everything that happens in the apartment.

Remember the story of Ray Bradbury "Will there be a gentle rain"? If not, then briefly recall: it is about the life of the house, left without the owners. Automatic systems continue to work in the same mode: the talking clock reminds you that it's time to get up, the smart oven cooks breakfast on its own, the weather box says it's raining outside. Painfully reminiscent of modern technology, right? But the story was published in 1950.

  In fact, this is a story about improving the quality of life. Comfort consists of small things, and a smart house will take care of everything. If you woke up at night and went to the kitchen for a glass of water, you do not have to wade the dark corridor in search of a switch: the light will light automatically.


Why is it needed at all
  • To make your life easier and better
  • A smart home is peace of mind and significant savings.
  • Reliable security systems
  • Savings on utility bills

Let's start with peace of mind. If the experience of everything in the world for you is a common thing, a smart house will help you get rid of at least those worries that are associated with your apartment. Did not turn off the iron? Do not worry, send the team to an intelligent outlet, the battery will live it off. Are you afraid that the washing machine started before leaving the house was out of order and arranged a water park for the neighbors from the bottom? Nothing wrong. If it really leaks, the leakage sensor will immediately report this to you.

  What in the end: you worry less because of non-existent problems and free the brain from unnecessary thinking. Check how things are at home, you can at any time with a smartphone.

Save only

Were you ever worried that you had not turned off the iron or TV? Down with the alarming thoughts: it's enough to send a smart socket from the smartphone to the smartphone, and she will disconnect the device, which is powered by it.

Now about saving. For many, this advantage of a smart home is surely doubtful. Say, what other savings, when you need to buy a few sensors, sockets and a video camera? Believe me, it is palpable. Take the same smart socket - it can keep track of how much power is consumed by the device connected to it. As a result, you can calculate the most voracious devices and decently save on paying bills. Show approximate calculation We took an approximate calculation based on the amount of utility bills: 10,000 rubles per month x 25% - 1700 / amount Costs = 18,000 rubles per month

If the experience of everything in the world for you is a common thing, a smart house will help you get rid of at least those worries that are associated with your apartment.

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Хотели бы вы внедрить такую систему у себя дома?

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