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Office without finishing in the skyscraper of Moscow City: How to make repairs to open faster

«Ремонтировать офис в Сити не сложнее, чем любой другой» – скажет бывалый строитель и сильно слукавит.

Ochevidno, rossiyskiy stroitel' ne imeyet opyta otdelki neboskrobov – poluchit' yego bylo negde.

Chtoby remontirovat' ofisy v neboskrobe, nuzhno znat' ryad osobennostey. Rassmotrim ikh na primere pomeshcheniya svobodnoy planirovki v bashne «Federatsiya».

Zdes', na 1200 kvadratakh, razmestyatsya 100 chelovek. Dlya nikh stroyatsya 3 ofisa predstavitel'skogo klassa, 4 ofisa biznes-klassa, 5 ofisov klassa «ekonom» i lichnyy liftovyy kholl.

Pervyye bashni delovogo tsentra vozveli v kontse «nulevykh», a super-tekhnologichnuyu «Federatsiyu» – v proshlom godu. Bol'shaya chast' mestnykh ofisov zhdot vladel'tsev s golymi stenami.

Otdelku pomeshcheniy – ot idei zakazchika do kartiny na stene – vypolnyayet rezident Moskvy-Siti – stroitel'naya kompaniya «Nekst Proyekt «M».

Negoryuchiye materialy

Chtoby postavit' peregorodki, podvesti vodu i smontirovat' elektriku, nuzhno brat' negoryuchiye materialy. To zhe kasayetsya shumoizolyatsii i materialov chistovoy otdelki pola, sten i potolka.

Obviously, the Russian builder does not have the experience of finishing skyscrapers - there was nowhere to get it.

To repair offices in a skyscraper, you need to know a number of features. Consider them on example of a free-laying room in the tower "Federation".

Here, on 1200 squares , there will be a 100 person. For them, 3 offices of the executive class, 4 offices of the business class, 5 offices of the "economy" class and a personal elevator hall are being built.

The first towers of the business center were erected at the end of the "zero" ones, and the super-technological "Federation" last year. Most of the local offices are waiting for owners with bare walls.

The decoration of the premises - from the idea of ​​the customer to the painting on the wall - is performed by the resident of Moscow City - the construction company "Nekst Project M".

Non-combustible materials

To install partitions, bring water and mount an electrician, you need to take incombustible materials. The same applies to noise insulation and materials for finishing the floor, walls and ceiling.

For walls suitable aerated concrete blocks and plaster, for water - metal pipes and radiators, and for electricians - wiring from non-combustible polymers.

On the material you need to get a certificate, attach it to the architectural design and coordinate with the management company.

Involved beams

Interior should be designed so as not to damage the supporting beams and columns.                                  

                 For example, you can not drill a wall to hang your favorite painting or build a live aquarium in it, if the wall is a carrier.                                  

                 This is followed by the engineers of the management company.

Nemorskie nodes
To divide the floor into offices and leave in each of them a panoramic window, you need "beam" partitions: from the window to the center of the tower. In this case, the frame of the panoramic window, the so-called "impost", can not be drilled, sawed or cut. To attach a partition to the window and cover the gap between neighboring offices, you should use a non-flammable sealant. The

Non-standard bathrooms

To make a separate bathroom in each office, you should put pumps of the system "sololift". The main plumbing assembly of the skyscraper is not available to all owners. The

Uneasy plate

Plate of overlap between adjacent floors - a mobile entity. She "walks" under loads. Goes up - behind the office partitions, down - presses on them.

To prevent the partition from breaking off the weight of the plate, a deformation seam must be left between them. It is a layer of malleable mixture that softens the pressure of the impact of the plate on the septum. It is necessary to save travertine in your favorite meeting room. The

Gentle sex

The floor plate of the skyscraper is less solid than in the high-rise buildings.                                  

                 Unlike the new LCD, where the average weight of the finishing materials is 500 kg per square, the skyscraper plate can withstand less weight. The screed of the floor of sand and cement can not be performed here.                                  

                 To level the floor of a skyscraper, you should take a light raised floor: KNAUF-superpol and the like. So you can quickly approve the architectural design and start repairs.

Unrealized graph

If the neighboring floors are empty, noisy work can be done day and night, and if there is someone there, then he lives from 20:00 to 23:00.

Raise material and take out garbage is allowed from 22:00 to 6:00.

To enter the territory of the business center, get into the lobby and use the freight elevator, you should apply. Applications are approved in turn. If someone has applied earlier, you'll have to wait: the freight elevator is one for 97 floors. The

Unstable communication

To start working immediately after the repair, you should put the amplifiers of communication and mobile Internet.

Mount them better at the stage of pre-finishing, along with other communications. So you can avoid piles of equipment on top of the design finishes. The

Ageless design

The popular style of the interior in skyscrapers is industrial with high-tech notes. And not only because it perfectly reflects the spirit of these giants from glass and concrete.

Another reason is the savings in finishing. For example, the industrial style allows Hide the pipes, wires and the ventilation duct behind the porous layer of the ceiling tiles.


If you meet all the conditions, finish 12 offices with a total area of ​​1200 squares can be completed in 8 months.                  

There is enough time to create architectural, engineering and design projects, coordinate them with the management company, finish, arrange furniture and vases on the shelves.                  

It takes 1 architect, 1 designer, 1 engineer, 1 foreman and 16 masters of narrow specialization.                   

Check with your contractor for details, or call "Nexst Project M".

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