MIBC Moscow City, the tower "Empire", 40th floor
123317, Russia, Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, house 6, p. 2

We work daily from 8:00 to 23:00

By appointment, at any time

Exemplary repair by international standards

Absolutely new level of comfort, safety and technology

Next Proekt – honest repair without a headache

  • Фиксированная цена We specify in the contract the cost of work and materials. Prices do not change, even if the exchange rate rose and the material rose.
  • Точные сроки We pay a fine in case of delay due to our fault
  • 3 года гарантии If something happens-quickly and free fix
  • Страховка на время ремонта до 5 000 000 рублей we Compensate any damage caused to the property of the customer due to the fault of the company
Start the repair with Next Proekt M
Just call: +7 (495) 984 00 99

Explicit prices for repairs

  • Fixed cost of repairs and materials in the contract
  • Exact timing - penalty for delay
  • Warranty - 3 years
  • Discount for materials - up to 30%
  • Insurance for repair time - up to 5 000 000 rubles
  • Development and coordination of engineering projects - free of charge
  • The amount of overpayment after the repair is 0 rubles
  • Installment - 0%

During repair you can be anywhere in the world and do your own thing

  • You can watch the progress of the repair online through our mobile application
  • Personal manager on the connection at any time of the day or night

We will not distract you and take the whole process with a guarantee of results

We will approve the plan of redevelopment in BTI
Designers and architects create plans for installing and dismantling partitions and agree on the documents themselves with the BTI
Solve problems with neighbors
Project managers maintain good relations with their neighbors - they will not cause your irritation
Take on the purchase and delivery of materials
We buy materials with corporate discounts up to 30% and bring them to the site on time
Perform a spring cleaning after repair
The cleaning service brings order to the delivery of the object to the customer
We agree on engineering projects with the management company
Engineers design electrical, heating, water, sewage, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and approve documents in the management company
And we'll solve hundreds of other questions you do not even know exist
Tell your personal manager about your wishes
                                           He will prepare a presentation with a description, sketches and estimated cost
Just call: +7 (495) 984 00 99

We create design projects that are comfortable for life

Designers design interiors "side by side" with engineers. Interiors turn out beautiful, safe and comfortable for life

Do you have a design project? Let's do a free audit


Leading engineers of our company:

  • analyze project security
  • check legitimate implementation capability
  • will indicate shortcomings to the author of the project
  • will give expert recommendations for correction
According to our statistics, every 2nd project has significant shortcomings and needs to be improved

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Set trends in the repair market


Create spaces with secret rooms, safes, security systems. We integrate a secure autonomous system "the house of the future"


For 15 years we have completed the finishing 560 properties in Moscow and Moscow region

State and regime objects

In 2016, we finished the renovation of the main building of the Moscow Metro Department on Prospekt Mira. In 2017 - the state object was erected on the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. The work was checked by the services of technical supervision and state security.


Since 2017, we are finishing in the "Moscow City". Towers are mode objects. You can make noise hour per day, bring the material - on schedule, and safety checks the Ministry of Emergency Situations.


In 2018, we started finishing the stations of the Moscow Metro "Solntsevo" and "Lower Maslivka."

Apartments and apartments in elite new buildings in Moscow

Apartments in the residential complex "RedSide", "Residence Monet", "heritage", "I'm", "Volyn", "Constellation Capital", "Scarlet Sails", "on Rusakovskaya", "symbol", "Michurinsky", "don Olympus", club houses on Sretensky, Pokrovsky and Smolensk boulevards, apartments in the towers "Empire" and "Federation".

Cottages and mansions up to 5000 m2

Mansions in the most expensive settlement of Russia "Gardens of mayendorf", cottages in Zhukovka, Barvikha and other settlements of Rublevka and New Riga.

Offices in business centers of class "A"

in 2018, we started decorating the office, which occupies the entire floor of the Federation tower< /p>

The company employs 280 specialists

Yuri Chernichenko
Igor Balenko
Design engineer
Oksana Bobrovskaya
Yana Prokopchuk
Anna Chernichenko
Interior designer
Ekaterina Tyrnova
Vyacheslav Vasilyev
Project manager
Artem Traize
Olga Odinokova
Leading designer
Eric Sabirdzhanov
Manufacturer of works
Edward Sabirdzhanov
Project manager
Mikhail Gaidarly
Manufacturer of works
Victoria Bobrovskaya
Alexey Litvinov
Alexey Traize
Roman Dorokhov
Project manager
Yuri Chindarev
Manufacturer of works
Pavel Petrov
Project manager
Maxim Lykov
Sales Manager
Elena Chernichenko
Interior designer
20 people in the office, 260 people at the facilities

In the office there are managers, designers, architects, managers. On site — superintendents, foremen, craftsmen and laborers.

Neat and polite experts of the highest class

Knowledge of masters is confirmed by certificates from manufacturers and special tolerances

All masters - the Slavs

Most of them are citizens of Russia, less often-CIS countries. They live in Moscow and Moscow region, and do not spend the night on objects.

One master - one specialization

The painter paints the walls, the tiler lays the tiles, and the plumber installs the plumbing. This ensures high quality of work: we do not need to redo

Masters with rare skills and a narrow profile

Artists, decorators, blacksmiths, masons, carpenters, glaziers, sculptors. Therefore, we can work with natural

All specialists undergo 3 stage testing

First-personal qualities, then-professional, then-internship for 2 weeks.

Our clients - business and premium class apartment owners in Moscow

To us come as public persons, and those who preferred to remain incognito
Igor Kuzin
Managing Partner of the Performance-Marketing Agency "Group 08"
Nikas Safronov
Soviet and Russian artist. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.
Pavel Sanaev
Russian writer, actor, film director, screenwriter, translator.
Elena Vorobei
Russian actress variety, cinema and television, humor and parodist. Honored Artist of Russia.
Sergey Kidyaev
General Director of JSC "Association" Ingeocom "
Marina Shmatova
Head of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee
Elena Isayeva
Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council under the Federation Council Committee on Budget and Financial Markets; Director General of FXOpen Company Russia; Chairman of the Commission for Financial Services
Name hidden
Alexander Bunin
Traveler and lifeste-observer "Business FM"
Ksenia Borodina
TV presenter, entrepreneur

Next Proekt in the media

"Next Proekt M" in the program "Test-Life" on "Business FM"
"Entrepreneur, traveler and journalist of the radio "Business FM" Alexander Bunin tells about repairing his apartment together with "Next Proekt M."
"Next Proekt M" in the program "Rules of repair" on the radio "Echo of Moscow"
"Journalists of Echo of Moscow — about the inviolable principles of working with customers of the company "Next Proekt M"."
"Next Proekt M" in the program "Lifestyle" on "Kommersant FM"
"The issuing editor of the magazine Kommersant Dom, an expert of the elite real estate market and journalist Andrei Voskresensky tells about "Next Proekt M" in the author's program "Lifestyle". "
Man of business
"I personally control each project and know about each client. But, of course, the process and other project managers control the process. The chain is like this: there is a foreman at any site, above it is the project manager, and I'm already the closing auditor. "

At your service

Mark Rafitovich
Next Proekt M
Olga Odinokova
Lead designer
Artem Traize
Your Project Manager
Mark Rafitovich
Next Proekt M