MIBC Moscow City, the tower "Empire", 40th floor
123317, Russia, Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, house 6, p. 2

We work daily from 8:00 to 23:00

By appointment, at any time

We will make your life easier with the help of the modern system "House of the Future"

Automated technologies:

  • take care of your shelter
  • understand your needs
  • will get rid of household trivia
  • will ensure the safety of your Family

Intelligent systems will provide reliable protection at home


react to motion and are able to transmit a clear image even at night. If the criminal cuts the wires, the broadcast will continue through wi-fi

Dozens of sensors

feel strokes, movement, breaking glass, opening doors and windows

Scripts for simulating the presence

turn on the schedule and frighten away criminals when you are not at home

Secret safe rooms will protect from attack

They are made of armored steel, equipped with autonomous systems and are introduced into the premises.

They can be used both to protect material values, and to ensure their own security.

"Elemental system" will save from fire, flood and earthquake

In case of leakage the water will automatically shut down, and the phone will immediately be notified.

If smoke is detected an audible alarm is triggered. Notifications are instantly sent to you and firefighters

In case of collapse building special bed is transformed into a shelter with water, food, medicine and personal protective equipment

Stay calm

Autonomous energy sources

We install solar panels, which are charged during the day. A sudden power outage you will not even notice.

Log on fingerprint and retina

We integrate several identification methods for access to enclosed spaces.

Full control from anywhere in the world

You can view the cameras and track all the actions of the guests on the sensors.

Restriction of access level

For example, children can only manage their own room, and maintenance personnel - any, except yours.

Experience maximum comfort

Clever Light

The level of brightness and color temperature varies with the time of day. Thus in the room it is always comfortable to be

Smart Windows

Will be useful when you need to sleep in the afternoon after a flight from another time zone. You can activate the dimming during a bright sun.

Smart climate control

Humidity and temperature are automatically adjusted to maintain a constant comfortable atmosphere

Feel absolute carelessness

Automatic house cleaning

Special robots vacuum the floor and wash the windows. The clinic service is no longer needed.

Feel absolute carelessness

Automatic sending of counters


You do not need to remember this anymore. The system does everything itself. You can set up automatic payment.

Feel absolute carelessness

Automatic scheduled watering

It can be used both for the lawn on the site, and for domestic plants, while you are on vacation or business trip

Listen to your favorite music and enjoy movies

  • Multiroom system

    Run tracks in the entire space and individual commands using an application or voice

  • Personal Cinema Room

    Watch a movie in 3D on a huge screen with high quality and surround sound

The "House of the Future" system is reliable, secure and easy to use

Reliability and fault tolerance the system is provided with equipment originally designed for industrial and military control systems.

Customize under your requirements. The work is fully automated. If necessary, you can manage via the mobile application

Security tested by a group of hackers who could not hack the system. Only you will have access to the system.

Integrate any existing technologies into your project

Design projects

We bring to life the design projects of apartments, houses, hotels, restaurants and offices exactly as in the picture. We provide design and technical control.

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Author's repair

Designers design interiors "side by side" with engineers. Interiors are beautiful, safe and comfortable for living

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Country houses, swimming pools, saunas, hammams, gyms. For a luxurious and comfortable life away from city bustle

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